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Our skilled consultants are friendly, compassionate, and experienced.

Featured Consultant


Rachel is one of our In-Studio consultants. She is an independent, traditional wig-maker, and also a long-time wig-wearer.


After wearing manufactured wigs to help with hair loss and every stage of androgenic alopecia over the last decade, she took her background in sewing to learn traditional wig-making. 


As a wig stylist, Rachel has personally owned dozens of wigs from dozens of wig-makers— starting with costume styles and landing with higher-end pieces. Experienced with hair cutting, and basic styling, she will work with you to be sure your manufactured wig is the perfect color, fit, and style.


Gentle and positive, Rachel will be your advocate and friend throughout the process.


“Nothing fills me with more joy and purpose than hearing from a client whose life has changed for the better because of the work we did together in finding them relief, and even empowerment, from hair loss.” - Rachel 

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