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Helpful Tips For Choosing Your First Wig

With nearly 40 percent of women over the age of 40 experiencing hair-loss, whether general, medical, chronic, or temporary for a special occasion, wigs as a hair replacement or alternative are becoming less and less taboo. And that's a good thing!

If you turn on the TV or watch a music video, chances are extremely great today that any woman you see on screen is wearing a wig or hairpiece (extensions, toppers, full wigs.) In fact, most professional theatrical productions and mainstream movies utilize wigs for men and women for the same reasons women do: they are easier to care for, more predictable and therefore reliable than hair, and are not subject to the weather or a "bad hair day."

That said, whatever reason you have decided to invest in your first wig, you'll want to consider a few things as there are seemingly endless options!

If you decide on a private consultation, you'll have the opportunity to see and feel the hair, color, and caps. Our wig consultant will measure your head and check for the absolute best fit when it comes to the foundations of the wig, but to avoid feeling overwhelmed by so many options, here are some basics to consider.

Initially, and especially for those suffering from alopecia or other acute hair loss due to a medical condition, you may feel like many women do: that you'll want a wig that matches your natural hairstyle and color. This is a great option to start with.

But at the same time, you may be surprised to find that although you have naturally curly hair, you may be more drawn to a body wave. Your hair may have been a rich auburn for more than a decade, and suddenly, you find yourself utterly attractive in a blended ash blonde with pale highlights. No matter what you decide, there is no wrong answer. For some women, the priority is to feel "normal" and to recognize themselves in the mirror. For others, a change in color, length, texture, or all of the above will win.

The beauty of wearing a wig, whether high quality synthetic, raw human hair, a lace front, a hard front, whatever the details, is that you have the immediate and satisfying power to choose. It is not uncommon in the least for first-time wig-wearers to become "collectors" of a few different styles or colors.

So going into your first consultation or fitting, or making your first online purchase, feel free to ask questions, ask for opinions, and trust your instinct. A drastic change can be empowering for one woman, and difficult for another. There is no right answer, just the right path for you. Our goal is to bring confidence, glamour, and normality to your life with hair.

Please don't hesitate to reach out, and sign up for our mailing list today to hear about our live events, specials, and new products. We look forward to working with you and your needs-- whatever they may be!

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