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The Akanu Collection


Akanu Collection Featuring Cyber Hair

Ready to Wear Wigs  |   5 New Styles   |   7 New Rooted Colors










Why Akanu Wigs?

Akanu wigs are made with Aderans cyberhair using the latest technology. This allows the cyberhair wigs to look, feel, and behave just like human hair, no matter if its wet or dry. The cap is made with super lightweight M mesh and a hand-tied construction that provide a customizable fit for all-day comfort. Thanks to the non-allergenic polyurethane seaming, even women with the most sensitive skin can enjoy these cyberhair wigs without irritation.

Styles and Colors to Enjoy

With 5 great styles and 7 colors to choose from, there’s an Akanu wig that’s perfect for everyone. For those who enjoy shorter lengths, there’s the Poppy style with a short-cropped cut and the Liana style with a more grown out chopped-crop-cut. The Calla style lies nicely in the middle with its chin sweeping bob and deep off-center part. Shoulder lengths and mid-back lengths can be enjoyed with Senna and Rayen cyberhair wigs, respectively.


Akanu wigs are available in the following colors:

Rooted and Non-rooted 

  • Beachside Blonde

  • Dreamy Blonde

  • Moondust Silver

  • Buttery Blonde

  • Velvet Carmel

  • Walnut

  • Silver Temptation


What's under the beauty of the Akanu Wigs? 
A "Total Comfort Cap" Construction!
They are designed and constructed for individuals with little to no hair, therefor
e, being comfortable and breathable.

First time trying an Akanu Wig?

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Use Code "Akanu25" at checkout.

Learn how to maintain an Akanu Original Wig Featuring Cyber Hair here

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