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Custom CyberHair & Vital Hair


Cyberhair® is a patented system for hair replacement that is formulated to act exactly like your own natural hair!

  • Are you limited in your lifestyle choices due to hair loss and extreme hair thinning?

  • Do you feel lacking in looks because of hair thinning out on the top or all over?

  • Does your hair loss make you look older than your age?

  • Does your thin hair make society judge you and pass over you for personal, social, or career opportunities?

  • Do you wish you had hair that is easy to carry and style, while still looking natural?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then Cyberhair® is the perfect solution for you!

Cyberhair® looks and feels exactly like your own natural hair. It is low maintenance and is very easy to style. It has a superb hold, which makes it easy to maintain any style. It is as close to real hair as possible. Some clients even claim that it is even better than their natural hair ever was!

Cyberhair® hair replacement systems have many benefits over other similar options available in the market.

It is perfect for people who have an active and vibrant lifestyle. The Cyberhair® will never lose its color with prolonged exposure to the sun, chlorinated water, or a Sauna. Such activities do not damage it at all, making it perfect for people who do these activities regularly.

Cyberhair® has been called the “most revolutionary hair available in the world.” And this is true! Generally, hair systems use fibers with unnatural shapes and the cross-section, therefore, cannot reflect light naturally. Cyberhair® is very advanced technologically, overcoming this shortfall and giving a beautiful, shiny and durable hair replacement system!

Cyberhair® has a state-of-the-art advanced hair replacement system technology which is patented and available only at Certified Studios!


Hair that feels real

Be free to lead the active lifestyle you want with confidence. Talk to our hair designers to find out if Cyberhair® and Vitalhair® are the right choices for you.

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