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Private Issue by CyberHair


Private Issue hair is available in all textures to provide women of all colors with a natural-looking solution for their hair.

Private Issue by Cyberhair® is a patented state-of-the-art technology that provides a natural look, with light but long-lasting hair solutions. It is soft, silky, and very light, giving you a feeling exactly like your natural hair. It allows you to carry on with your life easier; whether it is working, sleeping, swimming, exercising, or intimate moments, you will feel no hurdle with Private Issue. It has a unique “style memory” so you only need to worry about basic maintenance with it instead of bothering with styling every time.

For All Hair Types

Private Issue Wigs are the first full cap line for all women with textured hair,  and for anyone that wants realistic hair. It features options of straight hair, textured hair and coils with curl that will never fade, or loose its luster or style.


Private Issue Caps & Colors

  • They are very light in weight to ensure your comfort and ensure secure fixing

  • The hair is made of light and refined materials which are hand-tied and fit perfectly into individual head shapes

  • Several color options are available with different hues and highlights

  •  The cap can have customized color according to your skin tone to give that perfect shade.

This options features two, light-wearing, practical and durable caps: the Action Cap (also known as the Swim Cap) and the Ultimate Cap.

Private Issue has options of various sizes, which can be custom or semi-custom as per your specifications. So you need not worry about any size issue!


Private Issue Collection

Private Issue Collection Featuring CyberHair are as next to natural as you can get. Made from state-of-the-art hypoallergenic cyberhair constructed in a lab to realistically simulate the textures and movements of real human hair, these hand-tied wet/dry wigs are discreet, durable and professionally designed to blend right in. Lightweight, comfortable and maintenance-free, the cyberhair wigs featured in this luxury line are all around adaptable and inconspicuous.


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