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RBS Custom Medical Wigs

Your Hair, Your Crown,
Designed Your Way


Your hair is a significant part of who you are. Struggling with hair loss due to medical conditions and treatments can be devastating. That's why we're committed to providing women like you with an easy way to customize human hair medical wigs for women of all ethnicities. Whether you want to create a custom hair piece that reflects your natural style or completely reinvent your look, our experts will guide you through designing a custom medical wig that makes you feel as amazing as you are. 

How It Works

The process of designing your semi-custom medical wig/cranial prosthesis is simple and fun. You can either work with us to come up with a design that suits your unique personality and sense of style, or you can use one of our designer wigs as your inspiration and simply customize it to the length and color of your preference. Our natural human hair wigs can be customized to your specific hair texture, parting style, length, density, and color. You can even specify if you'd prefer a single, uniform color throughout the hair or if you enjoy more complex options like ombre or highlights. Feeling overwhelmed by your options? That's what we're here for! Although you're always free to go through the process of designing a custom medical wig on your own, you can also reach out to us anytime. We're here to work with you in a detailed one-on-one session, either in-person or virtually. We'll discuss your needs and desires to help you have the most amazing design experience possible. 


Is a Custom Medical Wig Right for Me?

At RBS Wig Studio, we specialize in crafting spectacular medical wigs/cranial prostheses for women going through the process of medical-related hair loss. Whether you suffer from alopecia, are undergoing cancer treatments or chemotherapy, or are noticing loss from medications and other medical conditions, we're here to help. We use natural human hair to ensure that you look and feel your best while having a high-quality hairpiece that is easy to care for and maintain for as long as you need it. Although we've long offered "stock" designer wigs based on popular hairstyles and celebrity fashion, we're now thrilled to offer a custom medical wig design experience. If you've been looking for a true solution that will leave you feeling healthy, vibrant, happy, and whole, creating a custom cranial prosthesis is for you. Work alone or with one of our experts to come up with a flawless design that reflects the beautiful, fierce warrior within.

Can I Afford a Custom Medical Wig?

A hair prosthesis or cranial prosthesis is custom-made and designed with natural human hair. They're specifically crafted to create a flawless look for women of all ethnicities who are experiencing hair loss related to alopecia, chemotherapy, trichotillomania, and other medical conditions or treatments. The customization process requires great attention to detail to ensure that your wig is perfectly designed for you and your unique sense of style. As such, custom medical wigs cost more than synthetic wigs made from lower-quality materials that cannot be customized. Fortunately, that doesn't mean that a fabulous custom hair prosthesis is out of your reach. Talk to your health insurance provider to see if your policy provides coverage for a "medical cranial prosthesis." You may need to have your doctor write out a prescription for a cranial prosthesis and ensure that you take specific steps to receive coverage. Some insurance plans will also provide reimbursements, and we're happy to provide you with the necessary documentation. Finally, if you have a medical FSA or HSA card, you may be able to use your card to pay for your medical hair prosthesis.

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Start Looking and Feeling Amazing Today

No matter what you're going through, you deserve to look and feel your very best. Don't cut corners when ordering a medical wig/cranial prosthesis. By taking the time to go through the design customization process, you'll be able to enjoy a natural piece that represents who you are as an incredible person. Start designing your custom medical wig on your own or with the guidance of one of our experts today!

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