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How does a topper differ from a wig?

Hair loss can be devastating for any woman - whether it’s from a medical condition or genetics - it has a dramatic impact on confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are options. Depending on your type of hair loss, a full cap wig or a hair topper may be a solution. It’s beneficial to know the facts about each before you make your decision.


If you have experienced total hair loss, perhaps due to chemo, you will most likely want to explore wigs. Today’s wigs offer full head coverage and are available in most any color, style and length. You will want to keep in mind that a wig is heavy and may often feel too warm for comfort. Wigs also require that you practice with them to get them to sit comfortably; so experiment with some tugging and pulling! Cost will vary depending on the type and length of hair.

Toppers come in different base sizes and types to offer coverage, depending on where you need to fill in the gap. These hair pieces require washing and treatment every few days. Conversely, wigs can last longer and require less maintenance. Since hair toppers must be clipped onto your bio hair, they won’t be effective for a woman who is completely bald. Each clip on the topper (usually 4-6) will require enough hair to hold the piece in place. If you find it painful, you should be able to remedy it by simply repositioning the clips. We’ve all had bad hair days – especially those who have fine or limp hair. This is one reason why toppers are so popular; they offer a great boost for a night on the town by adding instant volume right where you want it!


Wigs sit right on the top of your head, but a good stylist can help you find a perfect fit for optimum comfort. One benefit is that they are quick and easy; you will not need to restyle it daily as you would a hair topper. If you have noticed one area that is stubborn about hair growth, or is progressively thinning, a topper might be the perfect solution. These resemble a wig but are lightweight and do not contain as much hair. Also, they are easier to manage and can add luscious volume to the top or sides of your head. Many women find they are superior to extensions because those can’t sit atop your head. Toppers are designed to blend in with your bio hair, therefore it is important to carefully match your color and texture. Don’t be shy; consult your stylist. He or she has a 360-degree view of your head. Stylists can blend in the layers with your own hair to give it a more natural look.

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Whether you choose a wig or topper, both are available in synthetic or human hair. Human hair lasts much longer than synthetic – and you will notice that in the price tag! You should expect a synthetic wig or topper to last three to six months. Finding the right fit is not as easy as finding a size 7 sandal; there is no such thing as one size fits all in the wig world. Carve out the time to try several hair pieces before making a purchase. Some women say they began wearing a topper and later made the switch to wigs. Keep your options open. Be sure to consider heat-friendly options if you want to style your hair. Also check with your wig or topper specialist about coloring your piece.

Step out in confidence and security with the choice that’s best for you!

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