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How to measure for your Cranial Prosthesis ("AKA"- Medical Wig)

Many women going through cancer face hair loss due to medical treatment. As a result, they choose to wear a wig until their hair starts to grow back. However, with the amount of wigs on the market, how do you choose the right medical unit?

Although you can go to a store or boutique that offers privacy and individual attention, sometimes that may not be an option for some. There are Virtual Consultations that are also available, however, if one decides not to opt for that route, there is a way to measure on your own.

The way your wig fits your head is a very important aspect to having any wig. A comfortable fit is what is needed. In order to assist you in finding the perfect wig, below we have explained some great pointers that will assist you in measuring your head for your medical unit.

First, Have a notebook and pen readily available to record your measurements.

Second, It is best to use a soft measuring tape to measure your head. You may find this at your local fabric store or one of the bigger retailers in their fabric section.

Forehead to Nape You'll need to place the tape at the center front of your hairline to the hairline at the nape of your neck. If you have no hair or little hair, then you will need to lay your index, ring and third finger flat against your forehead just above the brow bone. And now, you have to measure the length or inches from tape to tape. "Record your measurements"

Circumference You'll need to place the tape at the center front of your hairline and run the tape around, behind the ears passing your hairline at the nape of the neck and bring the tape again to the center front of your hairline. The measurement in this type will be similar to a circle. "Record your measurements"

Ear to Ear You'll need to place the tape from your ear to ear on your head. You should not place the tape on the ear or touching the ear. Instead, you should place the tape at the top of your ear.

Temple to Temple Place the tape at the temple and bring the tape measure around the back of your head to touch another temple. "Record your measurements"


Place the measuring tape at the lowest point of your neck hairline and measure across the neck to the opposite side. This will measure the width of your neck. "Record your measurements"

You may have noticed we mentioned to "Record your measurements" quite often. This a necessary component to share with your custom wig maker, or even if deciding on a ready to wear wig.

Having a record of your measurements will assist you in a comfortable fit.

The wig can be soft and beautiful, however if the fit isn't just for you, you may totally decide against wearing it.

Below is a reference chart with measurements that help you determine your medical wig size.

If you need more assistance or would like to learn about our custom options, feel free to contact us.

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