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Lorraine Silk Top Medical Wig is one of our newest custom units.


A medical wig is often a personalized wig made for those experiencing medical related hair loss. So we gather the standard information to construct this medical wig.

All of the foundation materials we use for this unit are extremely soft and comfy, and they can effectively protect the wearer's scalp.

This medical wig unit has a medium cap size. There is also an elastic band at the back that allows you to freely change the cap size.

When it comes to attachment, a simple bit of tape at the lace front is sufficient.

We brush anti-slip silicon at the top and ear tab area, which helps to keep the wig in place on the head. It's great for those who have total hair loss.

We produce this medical wig with 14"-16' hair length. It's a trendy hairstyle for women with shoulder-length hair.

We also have these units produced in a few distinct colors for your selction of choice. Natural hair color is intended for your comfort. When you obtain your unit, you can freely bleach and dye it to your satisfaction.



Medical Wig

Custom Order

Base construction: Silk top with a stretch net at crown and back area; 1/2” French lace in front; elastic band at back for size adjustment

Base size: Medium cap size (Other sizes available)

Hair type: Virgin hair

Hair length:14”

Hair color: Natural black, #4/6, #613 #1

Hair density: 130%

Hair curl: Straight

Front shape: CC

Hair direction: Freestyle

Lorraine Silk Top Medical Wig

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