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Custom Medical Wig Order: Design Your Own Medical Wig/Cranial Prosthesis


RBS Wig Studio is redefining life with cancer, alopecia, and hair loss for women of all ethnicities and walks of life. Our natural, real human hair medical wigs can be customized to suit your personal style and aesthetics. We want you to feel bold, confident, and beautiful. That's why we specialize in creating incredible, confidence-boosting medical hair replacement units for those going through medical conditions and treatments resulting in hair loss. The custom medical wig design process is simple and fun! You can either work alone to create a cranial prosthesis that reflects who you are, or you can set up an in-person or virtual consultation with one of our experts, who will guide you through the process. Here's a closer look at your options and how it works.

Custom Medical Wig/Cranial Prosthesis Ordering Information

We receive many questions about our custom medical wig order options and how the process works. We want your wig customization to be fun and stress-free. Therefore, we created this page to break down and simplify the process.


PLEASE NOTE: We make custom hair units ordered from our custom medical wig/cranial prosthesis order form to order and require 12-13 weeks to produce. All sales are FINAL on custom-made units.

Start Selecting Your Options

Be advised that all hair pieces ordered from this "Custom Order Form" are custom-made to order with the exact specifications you select. Please also note that if an option does not appear below, it is NOT available. 

Step 1

I want to fully create a unique, custom wig. Select your preferred hair texture.


I want to create customizations for a wig based on the RBS Wig Studio Design Collection. Select the designer hair piece to customize. 

Explanation: This is where you get to choose if you'd like to make a one-of-a-kind custom hair piece or if you'd like to add customized options to one of our designer pieces in stock. 

2) Do you need a sales receipt (bill of sale) for "medical cranial prosthesis" reimbursement?

Explanation: We can provide an appropriate bill of sale to satisfy insurance or FSA/HSA requirements. 

3) Medical cause of hair loss

Explanation: Provide us with the underlying condition impacting your hair loss. 

4) Wig Length 

Explanation: Decide where you'd like your hair to fall once the piece is seated on your head. Our hair is available from 10" to 26" in length.

5) Human Hair Origin 

Explanation: Review our hair options to decide which hair type, texture, and origin best reflects your existing hair or preferred style. W use only ethically sourced hair and from reputable sources and factories. 

Hair choices include, Virgin European, Mongolian, or Brazilian, and Malaysian.

6) Medical Grade Cap Construction & Design 

Explanation: This is where you choose the style of your cap. 

-Medical Lace Front Cap: This cap is hand-tied and features six inches of lace going back, with lace around your front hairline. Further customizations can be made to include a fake scalp, ear tabs, and anti-slip silicone security.

-Medical Grade Full Lace Cap: This cap features lace throughout and can be further customized to add clips, elastic bands, and adjustable straps. 

-Medical Grade- Full Skin Base- This is lined with complete Silicone for clients that want want slip base construction.

7) Swiss Lace Color 

Explanation: Select the lace color of your choosing. Ideally, you want the lace to imitate your scalp color instead of your skin tone. Part your hair and examine your scalp color before making your choice. 

8) Choose Your Cap Size

Explanation: Use a a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head to select from Extra Small, Small, Medium, or Large. View our measuring chart base for more details on how to take your own measurements.

9) Parting Style

Explanation: Here, you can choose the type of hairline part you prefer. While a center, left, or right part will be clean and fixed, a freestyle wig will have no defined parting and can be parted and styled in any direction you wish. 

10) Would you like to customize your wig cap? 

Explanation: Select as many options as you'd like; more details are below. 

⁃ Custom "Mimic" hairline: Make your custom medical wig even more natural and realistic with an upgrade that mimics a natural hairline's unique dips and grooves. This removes harsh lines around the lace wig's perimeter for flawless application.

⁃ Extra baby hairs - Although all of our full lace wigs feature baby hairs around the hairline and back nape, additional baby hairs can be added to enhance the natural look. 

⁃ Bleach all knots (Please note that we cannot bleach knots on jet black hair or natural black hair.) - When knots are bleached, the hair on your lace wig is less detectable, creating a more natural look. 

⁃ Ultra fine "HD" lace - Hi-Definition (HD) lace is ultra fine and is lighter and softer than traditional Swiss lace. This results in an undetectable hairline and an improved natural look. 

11) Hair Color

IMPORTANT! If you plan to color/tone or dye your hairpiece yourself, you MUST choose "Natural Virgin Color" as the base color for your wig. NEVER re-color the hair prosthesis once it has undergone professional coloring. 


Choose Options


Explanation: Enjoy choosing your base color, or play with more complex color treatments. 


Single Base Hair Color (Uniform color from roots to tips)


Advanced Color Options (Ombre, Highlights, etc.)

-Ombre - Here, you'll notice darker hair from the roots to the middle of the hair before a smooth transition to a lighter color.

Balayage - Here, we paint the hair to establish a gradual, natural highlight effect from end to root. The result is a sleek, smooth, multi-dimensional color. 

Highlights - Here, you'll observe strands of hair that are lighter than your base color. 

12) Hair Density - Standard or Customized?

Explanation: Choose how dense (thick) you'd like your hair to be. This is a personal preference. The standard for natural/Medium density is 130%, our most popular option. 

Standard Density - 100% (Hairline) to 130% (overall)


Custom - Choose two different densities for your hairline and overall density. 

13) Professional Cut and Style Options

Explanation: Here, you can choose if you'd like your custom medical wig to be cut and styled. Choose from the option that you'd like, or upload a photo of your choosing. 


Notice: Upon receipt, your custom medical wig may require additional trimming and tweaking to suit your unique facial shape and features. We use a standard mannequin head for styling our units. If you have very specific requirements for cut and style, we recommend not selecting this option and instead working with a stylist for cuts and alterations upon receipt of the unit. 


⁃ Front bang/Fringe straight across

⁃ Side/swoop bangs (left)

⁃ Side/swoop bangs (right)

⁃ Cut layers (whole unit)

⁃ Face framing layers only

⁃ Blunt cut ends

⁃ Upload a specific photo


Agreement with RBS Wig Studio - I understand that all custom units are designed to order and are considered FINAL SALE.


I agree to wait for the full production timeline for my custom medical wig/cranial prosthesis. I understand this may take 12-13 weeks, with blonde wigs requiring 14-16 weeks.

Get Started Now!

Complete our custom medical wig/cranial prosthesis form to create your perfect hair, or get in touch with us to schedule a One-on-One consultation for custom hair design today! 

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