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Whats the difference between Silk Base and Lace Wig

There is always one goal for every woman that decides to wear a wig or a weave – to look as best as they can in a natural way. A lot of women, on the other hand, use a wig to protect their natural hair.

This is the main reason we have a wide range of hair industry today, trying to make the hair in a way that mimics a woman's natural hair.

As a woman who uses hair extension, you must have come across the silk base wig or the lace wig, which is due to their popularity in the market.

Knowing these two types of wigs is not all that there is to know. The big question is, what are their differences? In this blog, we'll be discussing the major difference between a Silk Base Wig and Lace Wig.

What Is A Silk Base Wig?

Silk Based wigs are also known as the silk top wigs and are the most realistic and natural when it comes to wig caps. The silk base wig has knots of strands hidden beneath the first layer, which is made of silk.

The knot is then tied to the layer to make the hair cap look closer to your natural scalp.

The hairs of the silk base wigs are injected between the silk material to hide the knots completely and also to look natural. With the silk Base wig, there won't be a need to bleach the knot to make them invincible as they already are.

Silk base wigs are the reason behind a woman seemingly having real scalp with a flawless amount of beautiful hair on it while it's all but just a wig. A silk base material is used to conceal any hair knots, and as it is made to match your scalp, the hair seems to be growing on your head directly. These caps are worn on top of your hair, but there is no way to know that it's not yours. There are more common and are preferred for that one significant reason; hence they are more costly than other wigs.


· The silk base wig, also known as silk top, is chemical-free and contains only natural substance. Silk wigs are like human hair with 97% protein, 3% fat, and wax; it has 18 amino acids, which have a positive effect on a person's skin.

· The silk-based wig last longer as compared to the lace wigs. This is due to its thicker and Sturdier based. The lace wig has a sheer nature, which makes it prone to damage easily.

· Taking care of a Silk base wig does not require and form of specialty or special procedures, and this is because they might look delicate, but they are strong. If you are going to use your wig often, you don't have to always bother about some repair monthly.

What Is A Lace Wig?

The lace wigs are wigs in which their strands are tied to the fine lace material. This provides a light fit weight. It also makes it looks as if the hairs are growing naturally from your scalp. Once a lace wig is attached, it takes the color of your scalp to make it look natural.

However, unlike the Silk base wig, the knot of the lace wig needs to be bleached for it to have a more natural look. Bleaching it will make the know look invincible, and look like you're growing the hair from the hair strands on your scalp.

Bleaching of the knot is a chemical process, also known as the lightening method. This process takes time; however, it's a more permanent process.

One distinguishing factor is that the base of the silk-based wig is a little thicker, so it will not be flat on your head as a lace based closure.

Benefits of Lace Wig

· Realistic appearance

The hair strands of a lace wig are securely attached to the wig cap. Most times, its difficult to see with the naked eye when worn – or else one takes a closer look. People will think that the wig you are wearing is your real hair, which is exactly what you want them to think, for the lace is virtually undetectable.

· Style versatility

Using the Lace wig gives you the freedom to part your hair any way you want it without having to worry about the base being visible. This is because only the front portion of the lace front wig is made of lace, and the back portion is made of a thicker and more visible material; you had better not wear your hair up in a high ponytail or a bun. Otherwise, it will reveal the unsightly base towards the back that you wouldn't want people to see.

· Breath-ability

Regular wig, in most cases, makes people feel uncomfortable and hot, mostly when used for a long time. This is because the caps are usually solid and prevents the scalp from breathing. However, you will feel comfortable with lace wigs due to the sheer nature of the lace material. It allows the scalp to breathe. And, it would feel that it wasn't there at all.

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