The Cushion BandTM  is a therapeutic gel filled headband worn under your wig or hat, to grip your wig in place, increasing comfort and security. It helps to reduce shear forces of the wig on the skin and distributes the weight of the wig evenly.  It prevents wigs from slipping and riding up on the head. The Cushion BandTM grips securely to the skin, holding your wig firmly and comfortably in place. Our Wig Grip headband is a life saver for many wig wearers.


The Cushion BandTM was designed for chemotherapy patients to give them piece of mind and comfort. However, it can be successfully worn over the hair as well.

Special Features of the Cushion BandTM:

  • Prevents pressure sores.
  • Filled with an invisible clear gel that conforms to the head.
  • Cushions and relieves pressure points.
  • Relieves headaches caused from uncomfortable wigs.
  • Makes wig wearing cooler; Dissipates body heat for comfort
  • Reduces skin shear.
  • Designed to hold wigs or hats comfortably and securely in place without glues or pins.
  • Tissue-like in composition; same shear characteristics as skin.  
  • Will not absorb body fluids or oils.
  • Non-allergenic and fungus resistant.
  • Cleans easily with a disinfectant.
  • Self healing; will not leak if punctured.
  • X-ray transparent.
  • Light weight and durable.

Average: 21.5"-22.5"
Petite: under 21.5"

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Due to the personal nature of this product, it is not returnable.  

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